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There are many different automated scraping services out there, but not all tasks can be accomplished with them.

If you have such a task, we are here to help.


We spent years optimizing our systems for stability, performance, and cost since we scrape a tremendous amount of data for our clients and product. And we are ready to help you to get the data you need.

No blockages

Some sites are more challenging to scrape than others. We developed techniques to avoid blockages on the sites that use the most advanced anti-scraping measures.

Maintenance on us

Companies don't dream of managing a scraping stack. That's why we take care of all the pieces of infrastructure, including scrapers, proxy servers, and monitoring solutions, to relieve this burden.

And just in case you're curious: yes, scraping public websites is 100% legal!

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Read how we saved over 50% on our infrastructure

How it works


Define Data Requirements

You tell us what data you want and how it should be structured.


Implementation and setup

We create custom scrapers, set up servers, proxies, and monitoring.


Data Access and Usage

We provide you with an API endpoint. You send requests, and we gather, structure, and deliver the data to you.


Enjoy the benefits

You use the structured data for insights, decisions, and more, without worrying about technical details.

Our experience

HiChee Logo

ShakaCode is the company behind HiChee - an advanced engine that swiftly compares vacation rentals across leading booking platforms.

With coverage spanning 190 countries worldwide, we meticulously organize and analyze about 20M vacation rental listings and match them, allowing comparison of prices for identical rentals listed on eminent websites including Airbnb,, and Vrbo (Expedia).

We developed an in-house proxy solution to reduce development and operational costs by orders of magnitude.

Our resourceful approach led to over 50% cost savings in our scraping infrastructure.

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ShakaCode Consulting
clients say

popmenu's Logo

ShakaCode far exceeded our expectations. Not only did they bring industry-leading technology - React on Rails PRO - to give us the performance and savings we needed, they also gave us the partner we were looking for. ShakaCode has provided the skills, experience, and professionalism we can depend upon as we grow our working relationship.

Justis Blasco
Co-founder and VP of Technology, Popmenu
DataCenters' Logo

One of the things that had the biggest impact was the way ShakaCode managed the project. Everything was super-transparent, which, because we’re extremely cost-conscious, was important to us. Everyone tracks their time by the task. That made it easier to predict how long it would take and how much it would cost to develop new features.

Mike Price
VP of Software Engineering, DataCenters
Printivity's Logo

We’ve reduced the time needed to bring new products to market—from a technical perspective—from weeks or months to just a few days, with cost savings of up to 90%. ShakaCode far exceeded our expectations, providing us with a platform on which we can grow our business.

Erik Krueger
CTO, Printivity


We estimate the cost of your project based on your requirements. Our process consists of 2 steps.

Step 01. Integration

We calculate the integration cost according to your specific requirements.

Personalized scrapers

Personalized proxy configuration

Infrastructure deployment

Priority Support

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Step 02. Maintenance

We work on the subscription-based model with fixed monthly fee. You can cancel at any time.

Scrapers maintenance

Premium proxy rotation


Priority Support

Curious about saving over 50%
on infrastructure expenses?

We achieved over a 50% reduction in costs on within our scraping infrastructure.

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